STARK INSIDER WANDERLUST: Edge Walk at the CN Tower (Toronto, Canada)
Loni Stark takes a walk on the wild side, hangs out on Toronto’s iconic CN Tower. The Edge Walk allows thrill seekers and bucketlisters to walk around the rim, some 1,100 ft above ground. Meanwhile, Clint, who is afraid of heights, is not quite convinced it’s the most entertaining thing ever.


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Amazon Dash Wand: Convenience or another step towards transforming our living spaces into retail spaces?

It's either incredibly amazing. Or it's astonishingly creepy. Possibly a bit of both. Amazon today announced a new product that makes it even easier to tap directly into your bank account. The cynic in me might suggest they also took another step towards transforming our living spaces into retail spaces. How many...
Toxic Avenger Musical - San Jose Stage Company

The Toxic Avenger: Freakish, wild, entertaining musical pushes all the right buttons

Andrew Lloyd Weber this is not. And that's largely the point. Think of it more as Joan Crawford... the one later in her career (Strait-Jacket?).
Danielle de Niese - Interview Festival Napa Valley

An interview with Danielle de Niese, “opera’s coolest soprano”

Her life as a superstar soprano keeps her traveling around the globe. I had a chance to catch up with Danielle in advance of her opening night appearance at Festival Napa Valley.
Film Review: Mali Blues

Film Review: ‘Mali Blues’ a standout documentary

Director Lutz Gregor's film was a special highlight at the Mendocino Film Festival.

Backstage at ‘Luzia’ by Cirque du Soleil (Now in Denver)

Cirque du Soleil's newest creation, Luzia -- A Waking Dream of Mexico, is now playing Denver (Pepsi Center). In this special episode, Stark Insider goes backstage to explore the show that's all about light ("luz") and rain ("lluvia"). As you'd expect from Cirque, the visuals and acrobatics are, once again,...
Apple HomePod: Music is the key

Apple emphasizes music with HomePod – but it’s still an assistant

The assistant wars are heating up. Apple has officially entered with fray. Apple HomePod joins Amazon Echo and Google Home in the battle for the rest of our non-mobile lives. We have search with us on the go, thanks to our Androids and iPhones. But what about the home? Apparently,...

Edge Walk CN Tower: Take a walk on the wild side (Video)

It's called the Edge Walk. But it might as well be called The Scariest Thing You'll Ever Do In Your Life Walk. Despite our best efforts to maintain a calm demeanor and Instagram-ready smiles, I will admit this: walking on the edge of the CN Tower, some 1,100 feet above the...
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North by Northwest II with Cary Grant and Loni Stark




Stark Insider goes backstage at the Orpheum in San Francisco as actor Eric Petersen transforms into everyone’s favorite swamp ogre, Shrek himself. The process takes 2 hours every night, and involves film-caliber makeup and prosthetics.